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The Cottage of the Hedgewytch was originally founded by Dawn R. Jackson in 2004. When the Cottage disappeared into the aether, it was very hard for some to accept. A thoughtful reader was kind enough to rework the site for the modern web, preserving its original old-style charm. The Cottage is now run by an Arteful Anonymous Witch, the original author of the popular series on The Wise & Subtle Arte of Reading Cards, who took it upon herself to keep Dawn's legacy alive. These gestures have grown into what you see before you today.

Here in the Cottage you will find treasures of many kinds, from the famous HedgeWytchery Method of reading cards, poetry, essays, folk tales, lore, myths, and more. If you are a practitioner on the Traditional Path of the Craft as I am, please explore what is offered herein at your leisure.

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Which is the Maid without a Tress?

A babe in the cradle.

Which is the Tower without a Crest?

The Tower of Babel.

Which is the Water without any Sand?

Tears in the eyes.

And which is the King without any Land?

The King in a pack of cards.

Where is no Dust in all the Road?

The Milky Way.

Where is no Leaf in all the Wood?

A fir tree.

Which is the Fire that never Burnt?

A painted fire.

And which is the Sword without any Point?

A broken sword.